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B.COM Tuition

B.com Course In Detailed

Bachelors of commerce degree is a well pursued degree in Surat by commerce students after 12th and thus they have dreams to enjoy their college life to fullest. This leads to not attending regular classes and the feeling the burden of studies at the day of exam. While many students also pursue the course of Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary along with the B.Com. degree, they lose their focus on studies at college. We help such students to understand every subject of B.Com. in very easy language and make sure they pass with the good marks.

We Give Proper Attention to the students of F.Y, who have Completed their 12th in gujarati medium and get admission into English Medium for Bachelor degree.

B.Com. coaching at Niken academy does contain subjects which might not be understood through the syllabus of a professional course thus one needs proper coaching and guidance to lead stress-free exam days. Individuals who are not engaged with any professional course definitely need coaching for the degree to keep their basics clear and attempt the twisted questions with ease of the university. Regular coaching could help in maintaining the consistency of studies and thus will not come as a burden on the day exam.

Personal and group coaching is provided to students from in or near Surat college/ universities. Every subject is being taught of F.Y, S.Y, and T.Y B.Com. Students who are willing to pursue their whole degree with Niken Academy will get an advantage of customized timings and can also merge with other courses like Spoken English or Individual Development. B.Com is considered as a very basic degree and thus students pursuing only B.Com are unable to get good salaried job after their graduation. But if you are confident and a complete package for a company, the recruiters won't let you go at any cost.

B.Com. coaching in Surat is provided by many but only professionals like us can make the learning fun through years of experience and provide tips to pass exams easily. One gets an advantage to get coaching for all the three years i.e. F.Y, S.Y, and T.Y all under one roof with theory subjects also.


B.Com. tuition at Niken Academy